Paulo Jorge Pinheiro de Jesus Marques, Designer. Studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts  in Lisbon.

Co-founder in 2001 of the Império dos Sentidos Gallery, specializing in original design of the XX Century.

In 2011 he founded Pipim Studio, a personal project where he intends to perpetuate all the knowledge and techniques of the past with his own and contemporary language.

We offer a personalized service in the decoration of your space.

Whether it is a commercial or residential space we choose the most suitable materials, coatings and pieces for a harmonious result that meet your rigorous expectations.

For better visualization of the final result we have technology that will allow to see how the project will be.

We want you to feel unique and so we personalize our articles or create an exclusive one for you.

Please feel free to contact to clarify any doubts you may have.

Paulo Marques

Paulo Marques